Magazine Column Archive

Rock Basics, Guitar World. May 1991—1993
Wolf’s exclusive series. Features music and diagrams.

The Roots of Rock: The Basic Power Chord. May 1991.

Power Chords: Part II. July 1991.

Open Power Chords & Adding Color Tones. September 1991.

Power Chords & Color Tones: Part 2. January 1992.

Mastering Triads. April 1992.

Triads Part Two: Inversions. June 1992.

Triads Part Three: Shapes and Arpeggios. August 1992.

Triads Part Four. October 1992.

The Minor Pentatonic Scale. January 1993.

The Minor Pentatonic Scale, Part Two. May 1993.

The Minor Pentatonic Scale, Part Three. July 1993.

Getting the Benz. String Bending, Part 1. October 1993.

Other columns

Keys to the Highway, WMGO, Premier issue 1995. A guide to GuitarOne’s unique notation and transcription style.

Behind Barres, WMGO, Vol.6. 1996. An overview of barre chords. Featured music examples from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Live, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, The Beatles, Van Halen and others. Includes hand position photos.

Guitarchitecture, WMGO, June, 1997. Shapes, patterns and other fretboard relationships. Featured music examples from Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Johnson. Includes a map-of-the-fretboard poster.

D-Tour Ahead, WMGO, Riff Box, October, 1997. A guitarist’s guide to the world of D Tunings. Features music examples from the Beatles, Van Halen, Live, Alice In Chains, Eric Johnson, classical guitar, and many more.

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