by Kenny Burrell

I was impressed with Wolf’s music before we met and played together at my 75th birthday concert at Royce Hall in 2006. Next year, when I became too busy to work with my guitar students at UCLA, he was on my short list of guitarists I hoped to have teach with me in the jazz program. I approached Wolf because I was impressed with his playing, and I thought he’d do a good job educating and demonstrating the music. Well, he did a great job and is still doing it. And in the years since, I have come to appreciate his teaching and educational abilities even more.

I am also very impressed with what is offered in this course. It was wise of Wolf to teach guitar from the language of jazz and cite what key players have contributed to the genre. That concept in the presentation of material in this book makes it one of the best music educational methods I have ever seen. His vast experience as a writer, educator, and a fine guitarist brings forth an unprecedented and unique look at how jazz improvisation and harmony are formed. I feel that this book will help guitarists in all stages of development and is yet another example of Wolf’s excellent teaching approach. It has my highest recommendation.

The Jazz Course

The world of jazz guitar is one that can be challenging, featuring a deep well of information and idea that can take years to learn. Wolf Marshall’s Jazz Guitar Course is a comprehensive guide that is designed to aid you on your road to mastery. Internationally acclaimed guitarist and educator Wolf Marshall leads you through the world of harmony, melody, and improvisation in jazz, exploring concepts and techniques that utilize authentic musical vocabulary and phrases pioneered by icons of the past and present.

Lessons include:

• Essential Chords

• Advanced Jazz Harmony

• Scales and Melodic Vocabulary

• Patterns and Ornaments

• Phrasing and Cadences

• Contrafacts, Etudes, and Model Solos

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